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  • Blogging with Hugo & Travis CI

    I recently had the good fortune of being asked to work on a project with Finnian Anderson and Ben James, the idea was rather a simple one, just requiring a blog to setup. One of our concerns though was that all of us had done devops before and weren’t particuarly keen to do it again, thus we needed a blog that had as little overhead as possible in terms of setup and maintenance time but still was fast to load and easy to use. We’re also don’t have lots of money to waste on a side project, so it had to be as close to free as we could get it.

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  • Updating .bashrc

    Occasionally people ask me how I managed to get my shell to look like this:

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  • Setting Up A URL Shortener

    I admit it, yesterday, I built yet another URL shortener with some friends of mine from Subject Refresh. Despite most URL shorteners being detrimental to society, with them disappearing and taking massive sections of the internet with them, we thought we’d add yet another one to see how well our team worked together.

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  • Bitmap Graphics

    Images are displayed on a computer monitor as bitmaps. A bitmap is a grid of pixels. The pixels may be represented using different numbers of bits which correspond to the number of colours present in the available range.

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  • Error Checking and Correction

    Parity Check

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